Sweet Pea Baby Massage - A miracle for your little miracle!
I can't say enough about Infant Massage!  Max had what we called the  "witching hours" from 5p-8p every night.  After we learned infant massage - our "witching hours" turned into relaxation hours! 

We are all so much happier!  Thank you!!!

The twins are so happy to get their baby massage after their baths every night.  You can see the excitement on their faces when I ask them if they are ready for a massage.

I love the close bonding time my husband and I can spend together with the twins.

Alexis always had tummy troubles.  After spending time learning some infant massage techniques to ease her tummy pain, she is a much happier baby!  We keep her regular with I LOVE YOU!

Thank you so much Marina!

Daniella is so relaxed after her baby massage. It helps her sleep better.  Thank you.

I literally was in tears every day because Connor was so colicky.  Finding Marina and Infant Massage was a life saver!  Connor is so much more relaxed since we have been doing infant massage a few times a day.  I am much happier and he is much happier! 

Finally - this is what I thought having a baby was all about!


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